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The Hood Production

The Hood – a leading phone accessory brand with in-house design and development experts to creates high quality products and tailor-made designs. Our tech accessories are widely distributed in different regions including Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Canada and UK with 100 retail branches in Hong Kong.

Here are double meanings of our brand name – the hood itself means a cover. It can be a hat to protect your head and neck that are the important parts of your body. Similarly, mobile phone is almost necessary to our everyday life and our high-quality phone cases can give you the best protection on your valuable belonging.

We are partnering with range of most well-known brands in the world including
Disneyland, Universal Studio, Toei Animation, Peanuts Worldwide, Viacom
International, Universal Music, CSL and SmartTone.

Our products are manufactured with safe and non-toxic materials which are being
certified as environmentally safe. To achieve optimal quality control, each order is
operated in single production for the best quality.