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Stay Safe, Stay Creative

"Stay Safe, Stay Creative" is a new project curated by ArtXover to promote the positive attitude and energy exhibited in these tough times.

Our first art partner for this initiative is ADAM who is a social enterprise, and has been established by The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) for 8 years. It is a platform for Artists with Disabilities to exhibit their gifts and talents to the public arousing their awareness, appreciation, affirmation and action for support, and strive ahead for professional art development in their life. This platform is also constructed for leading collaboration partners to support artists in creativity and wellness, and achieve social inclusion and art every day.  

We couldn't be prouder that we have this opportunity working with 4 talented artists side-by-side during such a difficult period for us all to create 3 different special and limited edition merch. The creativity has no limit! Let's keep those Creativity flowing in and Everyone can be a Collector !