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SnapTee is part of the TML group. We are a crew of T-shirt lovers and are passionate about creativity. We are about to start a revolution that puts creativity at the forefront. For us, T-shirts are more than just clothing, they are canvas for self-expression. We believe that everyone can be creative, and that the world will be a better place if we are all free to express our own perspectives.

 TML was founded in 1996. In response to business development and customer demand, it has gradually evolved from a casual apparel manufacturer to an integrated casual apparel supply chain company. Installed production equipment in China.

In line with changes in the business environment, the Group will continue to improve, transform and strengthen its competitiveness, and in 2015 decided to implement a new project "TML (Community Development)" in Hong Kong.

This industrial project leverages Hong Kong's competitive advantages such as excellent design talent, logistics, information, free circulation of capital, and sound legal grounds to protect intellectual property rights. Create a "Hong Kong Create" brand that expands the industry Chain and combine smart production models in Hong Kong. This project can generate commercial benefits while generating social benefits, allowing the company to grow in the long run. We welcome inquiries and collaborations from the industry.