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Snaptee T-shirt x Kevin Cheng《Butterfly at Oi Man》

Merch  Specifications:
  • Unique Limited Edition Number & GS1HK GTIN
  • Zero sense collar, never scratch the neck
  • Carefully sewed & meticulously crafted
  • Made in Hong Kong & Confidence Guaranteed
  • 100% cotton
  • Color : White / Black
  • Type: Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • *please refer to the following remarks for additional project and merch information

    Remark #1 : Licensing details
    • Project Name:“Stay Safe, Stay Creative”
    • Merch Partner: Snaptee
    • Licensor: ADAM Arts CreationLimited
    • License term: 3 years
    • Number of Premier CollectionEdition (with Resale Right): 360
    • Number of replacement Tokens(only available for current owners of Premier Collection Edition): 360   
    • Maximum number of MerchItems can be manufactured during the License term (including items manufactured for the 1st sales launch for Premier Collection Edition and subsequent Replacement Tokens): 720
    Remark #2: Additional notes
    • All limited edition merch is custom-made with on-demand production 
    • Each Merch will be printed with a unique limited edition number
    • Slight variations of dimension and color may occur

    Click for project details :